Epos spol. s r.o. company was established in 1992. The reason for establishment of the company was an idea of more flexible supplies of paper products on the market, mostly the paper rolls for cash registers and fax machines. By successful introduction on the market, the company has won a dominant position within the region and later has extended its activities by processing of paper rolls and cards for record and registration devices.

The company renovated of production machinery and production areas. It allows the innovation of its products and aiming at production of special products. The company also provides the expert consultations and advisory services as to material and use of the produced products.

The company introduced the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in 2003.



  • Our company, EPOS, manufactures several paper products. We produce paper products for cash registers, fax machines, for coin wrapping machines, parking machines, ATMs, vending machines and we produce thermal paper rolls for digital tachographs.
    We co-operate with other manufacturers and users of these machines to look at their specific needs. We produce paper rolls of various sizes, quality and for various uses.
  • We process offset paper 40 - 250 g/m2 with protective safety elements. We process thermopaper 55 - 220 g/m2 which is guaranteed to endure for 5 to 12 years and has a high heat resistance and resistance against PVC effects.
    We also process such items as carbonless paper, textile cloth and paper with aluminium film.
    Our cutting rolls have a width of up to 120 cm, a diameter of up to 120 cm and a core of 70 or 76 mm. Our products have a width from 7 mm to 1200 mm, a diameter of 15 to 350 mm and a core of 8 mm to 150 mm and these are single or twin-ply rolls.
  • The paper rolls are made on the cutting machines.
    We can also offer tickets, tags or labels in rolls, sheets or folded sheets which are produced ona perforating machine. 
    We produce printed rolls with a width of up to 1 metre on a flexographic printing machine.
    On a rotary offset printing machine we can print from roll to roll, from roll to documents size paper or endless paper, we can cut paper, number paper, print heading paper, pre-print and also do promotional printing.
    We are able to offer this as a service to our customers. We can also process material which customer deliver to us.


Office supplies

We also offer supplies for businesses, offices, schools, commerce and manufacturing.



Fast contact

Epos spol. s r.o.
Paseky 455
Želechovice nad Dřevnicí
763 11
Zlín CZ


Phone: +420 577 901 159
Fax:      +420 577 112 348
GSM:    +420 603 432 940


Graphic design



  • We carry out graphic processing of background data for printing including a proposal of security elements and motifs

  • We will provide our advice on the selection of suitable material and roll type for your equipment
Call(+420) 577 901 159