Rolls and tickets for parking meters

rolls for parking meters

 Rolls and tickets for parking meters

We can offer both wound rolls and folded tickets for parking meters.

High-quality thermally sensitive paper which we use for this purpose is resistant to the effects of weather and guarantees good record legibility.
The product is provided with a special protective layer which avoids print deterioration.

You can select square weight from 75 to 170g/m2 and various dimensions of both roll and tickets according to the specifications of your parking meter.

Rolls and tickets can be provided with security elements for protection against falsification (reflective inks, thermochemical inks and coin inks), cut-outs, partial cutting or numbering.

Printing with setting marks, as well as full-colour printing which you can utilize for presentation of your company or for advertising purposes (suitable e.g. for companies, restaurants and shops situated close to the car park), represent standard features of our products.



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We also offer supplies for businesses, offices, schools, commerce and manufacturing.



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Graphic design



  • We carry out graphic processing of background data for printing including a proposal of security elements and motifs

  • We will provide our advice on the selection of suitable material and roll type for your equipment
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