Rolls for ATM

Rolls for ATMs (cash dispensers)

We produce rolls made of high-quality paper or thermally sensitive paper which are suitable for use in all known types of ATMs throughout the world! (NCR, Diebold, Fujitsu, Triton, Tidel, Cross / Tranax, etc.).

The rolls can have various dimensions and square weight from 55 to 75 g/m2 according to the customer's requirement or machine type.
These rolls usually contain also sensor black marks which can be printed with individual spacing adapted to the requirements of each bank.  .
The standard durability of our thermally sensitive paper is 7 years when the specified storage conditions are observed.
We offer you also high-quality full-colour printing suitable for advertising messages to your potential customers.

Banking and financial institutions in the Czech Republic have confidence in the excellent quality of our ATM rolls.
Top-quality paper used for all our rolls for ATMs minimizes paper dust which can cause failure or damage to the ATM printer.

When you order ATM rolls from us, you are sure to obtain a product of top quality at an excellent price.



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We also offer supplies for businesses, offices, schools, commerce and manufacturing.



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Graphic design



  • We carry out graphic processing of background data for printing including a proposal of security elements and motifs

  • We will provide our advice on the selection of suitable material and roll type for your equipment
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