Rolls for queue management machine

queue management system


Rolls for queue management machine

Our company has also started to focus on rolls and folded tickets for queue machines after their expansion in banks, insurance companies, offices and other institutions.  .

We can currently offer rolls and tickets for any announcing system at very low prices.


We produce rolls from high-quality thermally sensitive paper of lower or higher square weight with a guarantee of easy tearing individual tickets off (cutting with your printer) or directly with perforation for all popular automatic queue machines..
The high-quality paper also guarantees smooth passage through your printer.

Guarantee of top quality and low prices is a matter of course!



Office supplies

We also offer supplies for businesses, offices, schools, commerce and manufacturing.



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Graphic design



  • We carry out graphic processing of background data for printing including a proposal of security elements and motifs

  • We will provide our advice on the selection of suitable material and roll type for your equipment
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