Rolls for tachographs


Rolls for digital and analog tachographs

Rolls for digital tachographs

Homologated rolls with width of 57 mm, length of 8 m for  tachographs Siemens VDO, Actia, Efkon and Stoneridge

Thermally sensitive paper of top quality with a special layer preventing degradation.
It is protected against increased temperature and moisture, oils, fuels, alcohol, water, PVC components and detergents.
RTE-2 rolls for digital tachographs comply with the requirements of Annex 1B, EC Directive No. 1360/2002.

Siemens VDO:
DTCO 1381 - e1 84

SmarTach STD - e2 25
SmarTach STD II - e2 30
SmarTach ADR - e2 29

Efkon AG:
EFAS-3 - e1 200

SE5000 - e5 0002

When compared with RTE-1, this RTE-2 type is certified also for Efkon AG - EFAS-3 - e1 200 systems.

Rolls for analog tachographs

Waxed, blue-paper rolls for railways and underground trains to fit Sécheron - Hasler recorders. Available in all speed ranges


When purchasing more than 56 packing units, it is possible to agree upon individual prices!
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