Tickets, stamps

As one of few companies in the Czech Republic, we offer production of tickets for public transport systems, entrance tickets for cultural events and other stamps including implementation of all security elements.
We use special procedures for the production itself thanks to which we can offer these products at lower prices even in small quantities.
The complete process includes a high level of security.

We supply tickets in standard version numbered properly in blocks or rolls, but it is also possible to select another method.
Square weight, ticket dimensions, protective elements and printing are individual on the basis of the client's wish.

We offer tickets for cultural events in square weights from 80 to 150g/m2 and dimensions as required by the client and deliver them in rolls as computer (perforated) paper or in sheets of A4 size and also different dimensions.
High-quality perforation for easy tearing off both individual tickets and entrance coupons is a matter of course.
We offer printing black setting marks with spacing according to individual tickets.

We also offer full-colour printing on both sides. You can send your own graphic designs or you can utilize the services of our graphic department.

Security elements

Implementation of some security elements already starts with the production of the paper itself; this method of protection is more expensive; however, it is more difficult to falsify.
Other security elements are applied directly onto the paper. The more security elements, the better safety of the ticket or stamp.

We will propose a combination and level of protective elements on the basis of the customer's requirement, product function and method of potential falsification and secure the products against their misuse.

We offer the following security elements:

• Watermark
• UV fibres
• Hologram
• Sharp stamping (partial cutting)
• Iris print
• Guilloche (curves)
• Micro-text
• Reflective inks
• Inks sensitive to UV light
• Inks reacting to checking felt-tip pen or ink ribbon
• Thermally active inks
• Erasable inks
• Inks reacting to metals
• Watermark
• Numbering


Office supplies

We also offer supplies for businesses, offices, schools, commerce and manufacturing.



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Graphic design



  • We carry out graphic processing of background data for printing including a proposal of security elements and motifs

  • We will provide our advice on the selection of suitable material and roll type for your equipment
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